Farmers are still working on finishing up the corn and sunflower harvests.

Morgan Cott with the Manitoba Crop Alliance talked about the impact of the recent rain.

"It's just really going to affect the ground travel, really. I know some guys are in the field and are able to travel quite well with all their vehicles, so that's good. It will just take possibly a little bit more drying power if the moisture's staying in the plants or in the husks of the corn. If they're pointed upwards, sunflowers might hold it in the heads a little bit more. A drying day like Monday with 20 degrees and nice sunshine, is going to be very beneficial. It will just take a little bit more time. The frost will probably help a little bit more than the sun at this point, I think."

She says corn yields are extremely variable, while sunflower yields are coming off surprisingly high.

Cott is encouraging farmers with high corn yields to contact her about the corn yield competition.