Seeding deadlines for AgriInsurance are fast approaching.

David Van Deynze, Chief Product Officer with Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), says with the way the spring has been going, many farmers may have a challenge getting the crop in the ground.

"There's still lots of pretty wet soils out there and we're three weeks away here before the final deadline for some of those crops. It's going to be a challenge for a number of producers to get completely done, that's for sure. We're hopeful that the weather will turn around here and we'll still get an opportunity to seed these crops but there's a long way to go for sure," said Van Deynze. "We certainly are anticipating a significant number again. We've had some bad years of excess moisture insurance claims in the past and we're hopeful it's not going to be that kind of year for us. It's still possible at this point in time."

The seeding deadlines for soybeans were extended this year, however there will be no changes to other crops.