The recent rain has kept many farmers from getting all of their land seeded.

Dustin Williams farms near Souris and last week his farm received anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. He adds it took a real toll on low lying areas. “We were in pretty good shape. We had a couple of fields left to clean up and get them seeded but the rains put a stop to that.”

“We’ll have some land that goes unseeded that’s for sure. We’ll switch over and seed some green feed now and fill in some areas like that now.”

Williams says emergence looks good and the crop coming up looks like it’s growing pretty well.

“We did a little bit of reseeding. We had some ground where seed trenches washed in and buried the canola. We went back and reseeded it for good measure.”

Farmers are hoping to see some sunny skies to keep the crop moving along. The recent rains have left fields with lots of moisture and Dustin Williams says eventually more rain will be needed but for right now sunny skies would be nice to see.

“We’ve been getting larger rain events. I don’t remember getting such large amounts and the extreme swings between dry and wet. The size of the storms seem to be increasing in intensity. What used to once in a decade storm you hear about them every other year” said Dustin Williams.

He adds producers need to be very flexible with their farming operations when it comes to dealing with severe weather and ever changing conditions.