Farmers can anticipate some light precipitation early next week according to the senior agricultural meteorologist and president of World Weather Inc.

"We're going to see at least another week's worth of favourable conditions. It's not going to be perfect but we'll come close to it," says Drew Lerner. "There will be a frontal system next week that will bring us some generalized precipitation. I don't want to make that sound worse than it will be, it will just a little bit more shower activity."

He says rain amounts in southern Manitoba could reach as high as 6 or 7 millimetres.

"So we will be back into the fields as we get into midweek next week and I don't see any bigger rain events coming up for a while. The next potential for a larger storm system would probably hold off until at least the second weekend in the two week outlook."

Meanwhile, Lerner expects temperatures will return to more normal levels.

"All this unusually warm weather may be on its last legs as we get into the weekend. We'll see a little bit of a cool off take place early next week behind that frontal system...So our average temperatures will be down a bit, but it's still not a bad scenario."

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~ Friday, October 8, 2010 ~