Assiniboine College celebrated the achievements of twelve students from the college’s Public Safety program at the Final Inspection held today, Friday, May3, 2024.

Media Release

The event marked a significant milestone in the training of the graduates who will now embark on careers in policing, justice, public safety, corrections, and sheriffs' services.

"I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the students of Assiniboine College's Public Safety program. Your commitment to public service and keeping Manitobans safe is commendable, and I have no doubt that you will make invaluable contributions to the safety and security of our province," said Matt Wiebe, Minister of Justice for the Province of Manitoba.

Today’s ceremony marks the 20th for the college’s Public Safety program (formerly Police Studies) and continues Assiniboine’s commitment to being a provincial leader in public safety training.

"Assiniboine is a provincial leader when it comes to training in public safety, and we are proud to celebrate the success of the students today. They are a testament to the exceptional training opportunities at our Manitoba Public Safety Institue, and we are confident that these students are well-prepared to make a positive impact in their respective fields." said Mark Frison, President, Assiniboine College.

The Manitoba Public Safety Institute at Assiniboine continues to grow and diversify. In recent months Assiniboine has provided training for Winnipeg Transit Safety Officers as well as police training for the Manitoba First Nations Police Service among its regular offerings across the justice field.

Reflecting on her journey, Advanced Diploma graduate Elizabeth Rose entered public safety after attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Brandon University.

“I really enjoyed the program overall. The course was great, and the applied training was really helpful. I was recently hired by Brandon Police Service as a cadet and am hoping to move forward to become a recruit and then officer."

Public safety was not new to Rose—prior to attending Assiniboine she worked for Manitoba Commissionaires as a detention cell guard and was encouraged by her peers and members of Brandon Police Service (BPS) to take up policing as a career.

Like his classmate, Clark Nachtigall came to policing after receiving a university degree. Nachtigall was a standout on the basketball court for Providence University College and saw himself pursuing a career in military or policing after he received his Bachelor of Business Administration there.

“My plan following high school was to take business because of the team environment and people skills you attain. I felt that those skills would be applicable to a career with either the military or law enforcement,” he added.

Nachtigall has been hired by Brandon Police Service and will complete his Phase B training followed by a period of time working with a supervising officer before joining a platoon to begin his career.

Another highlight of Friday’s ceremony was the presentation of an honorary diploma to former Winnipeg Police Service Chief, Devon Clunis, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to public safety and community engagement. Chief Clunis's dedication to building safer and stronger communities served as an inspiration to the class.

Clunis was originally named an Honorary Diploma recipient in 2020, and due to travel restrictions at the time was unable to officially receive the recognition. (Photo below)

"Devon Clunis has had a long and distinguished career centered around community, public safety and social equity," said Mark Frison, president of Assiniboine.  "Assiniboine is thrilled to be celebrating him in front of graduates embarking on their careers in Public Safety, as his contributions to Manitoba over the decades serves as a model for what is possible in public safety occupations.”

“I am thankful to Assiniboine Community College for this honor. I entered policing to impact social change and did my best to pursue that purpose throughout my career and continue to do so in retirement,” Clunis said at the time. “I certainly did not enter policing to receive awards, but it is gratifying to have my efforts recognized and appreciated. Thank you, Assiniboine, for this honor. It encourages me to continue working to make social equity a reality.”

The ceremony featured greetings from various Police Services in Manitoba and Ontario, emphasizing the importance of Assiniboine’s collaboration and shared commitment to public safety across regions.