Boissevain School’s annual Halloween food drive was another success with thousands of pounds of food items being donated to the Boissevain Food Pantry.

By this time of the year pantry volunteers say the shelves are empty.

Students on Monday went door to door, and they also collected food in the school to support the food drive.

Karen Fraser is with the Boissevain Food Pantry, and she says they really support the community's generosity. “Leading into this food drive the shelves were empty. We’ve been buying food for the past few months to meet demand. That demand has gone up, but the community is amazing because cash donations keep coming in and the donations at the Co-op have always been encouraging.”

“This community is so supportive of us, and we really do appreciate it.”

About 20 high school students and members of the high school hockey team helped with the canvass.

Kennedy Birch is a high school student who gave her time to help collect nonperishable food items.

“This year’s drive went really well. We like to help people and our community and we like supporting charities in the municipality.”

The Boissevain Food Pantry hands out about 15 hampers every two weeks.

“That varies from single families to families of six plus and I would say we have four times the people we had just two years ago,” said Karen Fraser.