Dan and Hertha Penner have been heavily involved in their local Foodgrains Grow Project in the Killarney area.  The Penners farm just east of Killarney and have a diverse farm with their egg-laying operation, hog operation, and they are also grain producers.

However, right now they are on special trip with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFB) team in Malawi, Africa to learn more about their diverse agriculture, the need for food security, the affects of tropical storms and drought, the list goes on.

Southern Malawi has been especially hard with tropical storms over the past few years, and this is the area where the Penners will be touring.

 Dan Penner says he always wanted to participate in a CFB tour overseas, and when the opportunity came up, they thought long and hard and decided now was the time.

To prepare for the 2 weeks in Malawi, the Penners have been studying the various projects in that country, and how the CFB partners with other organizations, local to those areas.  "We're learning about the culture and the different projects that we'll be going to."

Eleven Canadians are participating in this learning tour, 2 from the Canadian Foodgrains staff and 9 others from across Canada, BC to Ontario.

"Once we are home, we will be putting together a presentation and share it to let people know what the Foodgrains Bank is doing along with a host of other organizations in other countries."

When asked what we as their community can pray for, Dan says to pray for peace going into a country that is so different than our, and there are so many unknowns. "You can pray for safety in travel, and that we will learn and bring back the story from Malawi."

Please listen to more with Dan Penner below!

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