Harvest is complete for Canadian Foodgrains Bank Grow Projects in Manitoba.

"The weather the last week has just been gorgeous and combines have been able to run all over the province," says resource coordinator Harold Penner.

The last field to be harvested was the SHARE Project's soybean field near Thornhill on October 9th. Projects near Morris, Boissevain, Benito, Rivers and Darlingford were also taken off in the first part of October. In total, there were around 4200 acres dedicated to the Foodgrains Bank this year.

Penner says the funds raised by Manitoba farmers will be used to help hungry people in many countries. "This last month again we had 2.3 million dollars go out to projects in ten different countries. The projects in Manitoba support projects around the world, wherever it's needed. Right now Pakistan is getting a lot of help."

"I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated this year, whether it was with tractors and combines on the field, or in any other way. People have brought food to the fields for the harvests, brought their cheques to support the projects and many people have taken time to pray for those that were working and also for those that will be receiving the help, because that's what it's all about."

The CFGB fall information meetings will be taking place in late November this year:

November 22 - 7:30am - a shorter breakfast meeting in Winkler
November 22 - 6:30pm - Brandon
November 23 - 6:30 PM - Winnipeg

The fall banquets are open to everyone who supports the work of the CFGB.

~ Friday, October 15, 2010 ~