The Boissevain-Morton Foundation has some money to hand out and is hopes graduating students will take time to fill out a bursary or scholarship application.

Every year the foundation hands out thousands of dollars through funds administered by the group.

Brenda Nixon is a board member with the Boissevain-Morton Foundation and Chairs the scholarship committee. “We have lot of money to hand out with the total of our bursaries and scholarships for 2022 is $9,745 and there are 12 different bursaries this year.”

The scholarships and bursaries all have different legibility criteria. Many are based on a minimum grade requirement while others focus on things like community work, perseverance, citizenship and students continuing their education.

Graduates taking classes with Turtle Mountain Adult Education are also eligible to apply for the bursaries and scholarships. “We need a copy of your resume, transcript of your course to receive your Grade 12 certificate and a letter of acceptance to the post secondary school of your choice. So this is a chance for anyone looking to forward their education to get assistance and it’s not just for students in high school but also the adult education program as well” said Brenda Nixon.

Applications must be submitted by May 26th.