The Royal Canadian Legion in three Westman communities will be benefiting from their community pulling up to the local Co-op gas pump for a full fill up on Tuesday, September 19th, this in support of Federated Co-op's FUEL GOOD DAY!

Member Relations for Valleyview Co-op. Amber Vandale. says the Legion groups in Kenton, Virden and Melita will all be receiving funds from this year's FUEL GOOD DAY.  As well, the Southwest Library in Pierson will be receiving funds through this annual initiative from the folks to fill up in Pierson.

Virden and Melita both have Co-op Gas Bars/ C Stores which are participating in the fundraiser. Kenton and Pierson will be raising their funds through their agro centres which also provide fuel.

Federated Co-op will donate 5 cents from every fill up towards that community's organization, and Valleyview Co-op will match that. In addition to that, for every Big Slush and Coop Coffee sold, $1 will be added to the donation pot.

Speaking of coffee, Vandale says they're offering their customers a special incentive to come in for a hot cup of coffee!

"One of the really neat programs that we're offering right now is that we've ordered these really lovely stainless steel FUEL GOOD DAY mugs and when we have guests visit us on or even before Tuesday, when they purchase one of these $25 mugs, not only will over half of those funds go directly to their local Legion or Library (in Pierson), but we're also going to fill that cup up, free of charge, until October 19th!"

"We thought it was just a great way to get people excited," she adds, "to add some value to our customers, and also to increase those donation dollars for our local Legions, and the library in Pierson!"

What's important to note, says Vandale, is that whatever monies are raised in each of the communities stays in that community.  "So, when members of the community go to their local Valleyview Co-op they know the contribution will stay in their community."

If you're curious about which organization is being supported through your local Co-op click HERE!  If you see that Co-op shield, pop in and fill up, grab a cup of coffee or Big Slush and support a cause in your community, or the one you're passing through!

In 2022, Co-op members and customers across Western Canada raised more than $650,000 for over 195 local organizations and causes – all in a single day!  Since its launch in 2017, more than $3 million dollars raised through Fuel Good Day have gone to over 700 local organizations, supporting the communities they serve.

Listen to your personal invite from Amber Vandale below!

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