Yesterday's frigid temperatures didn't deter folks from giving to their local food bank, however it did make running to and from front doors to trucks a bit cool for those who picked up and delivered to their food banks.

Killarney's youth groups and adult volunteers hoisted 3400 pounds of food on and off trucks and vans, into the Lakeview Church gymnasium, and then onto the Killarney Food Bank's empty shelves on Halloween night.

Coordinator, Pastor Danny Groening, says despite the cold, the smiles of donors and their volunteers warmed everybody up!

"I remember doing the food drive last year on October 31st and someone said it was +15 C and it was an absolute beautiful Halloween and, maybe it was my fault, I said, 'Just wait until next year! And yes, we had winter this year!"

"But you know, everyone who came, all the volunteers had a great attitude, and we got the job done!" adds Pastor Danny.  "A big thanks to the town and everyone who gave so generously, and all the volunteers who gave a few hours of their day."

"Speaking on behalf of the Killarney Food Bank, it's beyond words how much of a help this is for the local food bank and community going into the Christmas Season," he says. 

Sharing an evening of giving like this is a wonderful message to the young people who volunteered their time, and each year there is a new crop of young people who join the team.  This year Pastor Danny's 12-year-old son joined the ranks of food collectors and deliverers.

"It's always part of passing that baton along to the next generation," he adds.

Please listen to more with Killarney Mennonite Church Pastor Danny Groening below!

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