The Deloraine swimming pool has structural problems and many people would like to see a new pool built.

The Deloraine pool opened in 1980.

A wall of the pool has shifted and that has council working with an engineer to determine the best way to move forward with the aging pool. “We’re waiting to hear what an engineer has to say but they haven’t been able to come out and assess the pool because of the prolonged winter weather” said Deloraine Winchester Reeve Gord Weidenhamer.

“We’ll have it fixed up enough so it can open this year.”

Brent Wells helped organize the corn hole tournament held on Saturday and he expects they’ll raise close to $5,000 for the swimming pool.

“We’re trying to form a pool committee of people looking to fund raise for the swimming pool. It needs repairs to get going for this year and I guess our goal is to hopefully build a new one down the road. I have kids that use the pool and my wife works at the municipal office so it’s kind of a big deal for us to try and get a new pool for the kids.

“We’ll find out if we need to do major repairs or go at the pool from a different angle. But it’s great to sees o many people out today showing support for our pool. There’s a lot of young people here and that’s the generation that will get lots of use out of it” said Gord Weidenhamer.

The municipality has some revenues in a recreation fund but Weidenhamer says it certainly wouldn’t cover the cost of a new pool.

“The hope it to get it going this year with a band aid approach. A new swimming pool would be the ultimate goal.”

“We’re trying to get a community group established and right now it’s Doug Morningstar and myself and anyone else interested is invited to get involved. Our goal is a new pool for Deloraine Winchester” said Brent Wells.