The Brandon location of the Adult & Teen Challenge Super Thrift store needs to repair significant structural damage to an exterior wall, with the hefty price of $100,000 in repair costs. 

Damage was found during the installation of a new HVAC system by a contractor and then later confirmed by an engineer.  

Development Director, Aaron Murray, says even though fund-raising efforts have started, they are still needing a significant amount of that repair bill. “This is not something that we anticipated, it’s just that it’s an older building and it’s something that we have to take care of.” 

“If people can’t give money, they can always support our business at the thrift store,” he explains. “If you’ve got an extra t-shirt, an extra pair of jeans, an extra car that you’re not using and is sitting around, anything you can donate would be of help. Everyone can help support us in this way,” he adds. 

The Brandon Super Thrift store on 7th is currently in renovation-mode in their lower level, constructing the new Community Office that will allow more counselling services and community programming. 

Murray says the Community Office will be a significant resource for downtown Brandon and the entire Westman area for people who need support. Two offices, a boardroom, and meeting space to facilitate men, women and family groups for counselling or programs are included in the floorplan. 

“I’m networking with a lot of agencies to help these people get the help they need, and if we can’t help them at Adult and Teen Challenge, then I can bring them to this other program, or refer them to the different agencies in Brandon so we can eventually help change the city, one person at a time,” shares Murray. 

Funds raised through the Super Thrift store go directly to their centre for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. The Brandon centre currently has 12 women in the program, 5 graduates of the program, and 4 children in their care. 

With fundraising efforts continuing, Murray says the wall repair won’t deter them from pressing on to helping their community. 

"We’re going ahead no matter what,” shares Murray. “We’re definitely confident about that and we believe that God’s got our back,” he shares, “and the community has been overwhelmingly supportive in every venture we’ve done so far!" 

For more information on donating to the Brandon Adult and Teen Challenge fundraising effort, visit or call 1-204-949-9484.