What started out as a family competition for the Paul Bell family half a dozen years ago, has turned into an annual community fundraiser.   Paul gave each of his children giant pumpkin seeds one Christmas and the competition began, the one who could grow the largest pumpkin received a monetary 'reward'.

"We kind of really took off with it," explains daughter, Jess Cochran, "and it's been a nice summer hobby for us, we check on our pumpkins and spend time outside, and its grown into a fun little family activity of planting and picking pumpkins.  Obviously, we always end up with way more than one family could ever use so we just donate them back into the community in return for a donation."

Since then, the Boissevain area family has been growing literally hundreds of giant pumpkins, and through collecting donations, give back to their community by supporting local incentives.  Since 2016, the Bell family has donated $8200.25 through their pumpkin patch!

To decide where the funds should go, the Bell family sits down for a meal to discuss amongst themselves who could benefit from their collection. Cochran says this year's crop is really great.  "There are tons of pumpkins with over 20 different varieties.  They are available at the farm where there is a drop box to leave a donation there, or they can go to Steads Farm Supply and get them in town."

"Our pumpkins go fast," she adds. "Usually as a family we all work together to pick the pumpkins all in one day.  Because Paul is away, I just posted on Facebook and asked for some help and the community showed up in ways that we never imagined!  Over two dozen people came and we had all the pumpkins picked in less than 3 hours!"

For more information, visit Paul's Pumpkins on Facebook or click HERE!

Previous Donations collected and donated through Paul's Pumpkin patch; 

2021 - $3430.90 Boissevain Christmas Cheer 

2020 - $2670.10 Russell Glover/Christmas Cheer 

2019 - $245 Westman Animal Rescue 

2018 – $779.25 Boissevain Jaws of Life 

2017 – $275 Boissevain Arts Council 

2016 - $800 Hunter Ferguson 

TOTAL $8200.25