Conservative Justice Critic Kelvin Goertzen feels the NDP government is sending out the wrong message on crime. He is reacting to an admission by the province that it is quietly wiping the slate of warrants dated before 1999 for non-violent crimes like vandalism and shoplifting.

Goertzen says this tells criminals they can get away with crime if they avoid the law. Furthermore, he adds, it tells victims of crime that their plight is not very important to the government. He says, "It's a horrible message to send to individuals who have committed crimes and also to those who are victims of crime."

Goertzen thinks there's a better solution to the backlog of warrants. He suggests the government should hire the staff that are needed to properly carry out justice in Manitoba.

Goertzen adds a Progressive Conservative government would reverse the NDP policy and ensure outstanding warrants are prosecuted.

Hear what Goertzen has to say about the NDP policy on warrants: