Golf courses across Westman have had a mix of rain and snow and (sleet and hail in some areas) over the past month and many golf enthusiasts have started to enjoy the outdoors on their favorite courses despite unseasonal weather patterns.

Pleasant Valley Golf Course is owned and managed by Cheryl and Chad Berry and their family.  Manager, Cheryl Berry, says their course is in excellent shape and ready for summer, and in spite of the significant rainfall, the weather hasn't dampened enthusiasm at all!

"Our superintendent and the greenskeepers are doing a great job and the golfers are out there!  We are managing very well.  Last year was so very dry and the moisture is very welcoming, and its seeping into the ground at a perfect rate.  If we had a little less rain we could have a little more golfers, but you can never say no to rain!"

Berry says the extreme weather conditions of a hot, dry summer in 2021 compared to a very wet and cool spring this year didn't affect their course in a negative way.  With good snow cover the fairways were well protected from the cold winter temps.  "The course is in ship-shape and getting better as the days go on," she adds.

This past weekend's sunshine that has continued into the week is a welcome sight, to help warm up the ground and dry the low spots. "Our superintendent said the other day they were holding off on cutting the greens because they were waiting for the warm sunshine. But everything is mowed and the golfers are out."

 "I believe this summer will be much the same as the last 2 years," shares Berry. "We, as Manitobans have been very lucky.  To bring Covid into the equation, it made people travel around their own province more, and brought more golfers to seek out all the courses around Manitoba, and of course, we benefit from that. So, I feel we're really lucky and I'm sure all of the other golf courses in Manitoba are just as lucky as we are and I anticipate another great summer!"

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