Harvesting has progressed across the province thanks to a week of cooperative weather.

Combining is at varying degrees of completion depending which part of the province you are looking at this fall.

Steve Meggison farms in the Goodlands area near the U-S border and he hopes to wrap up his harvest by Wednesday or Thursday. “Harvest is going very well and we only had a day or two left of harvesting. The wheat yield was very good and the canola yield isn’t quite what we expected but it’s still very good here.”

Meggison says it feels great to be coming down the final few days and the weather has really cooperated to keep the combines rolling.

“It’s nice when you can start in the morning and not have to wait for the dew to burn off and not get going until 2:00 in the afternoon. It has been great weather for us” said Meggison.

Steve Meggison is pretty much on his normal harvesting schedule. “”I was only about two weeks getting my seeding started. We also missed a lot of the rains here so the crop really ripened quickly and all kind of came in at the same time.”

The quality looks good on the wheat and canola with wheat yields above average and the canola looks to be around average or slightly above.

Steve Meggison hopes to be done before any rainfall arrives in the area. He says areas north of the Trans Canada Highway were seeded later and harvest is behind many parts of the province.

“I have family outside of Winnipeg and they’re only 16 per cent done harvesting right now. The challenge is the days get short and the nights get colder so it’s wetter in the morning and it’s harder to get a good number of hours harvesting in a day and hopefully things hang on for them” said Steve Meggison.