Killarney Turtle Mountain is in the middle of a water and sewer project thanks to a grant from both the federal and provincial governments.

This week 10 wastewater and waste management project in Manitoba picked up $34.4 million in funding.

Killarney Turtle Mountain secured $1 million to rehabilitate the water and wastewater pipes from Mountain Avenue to Finlay Street. “We’re replacing the water and sewer lines. Obviously like most communities our infrastructure is aging and this was one area in need. We’re happy to get approval and to be able to move ahead with the project.”

Tweed points out communities need the support from other levels of government or the work wouldn’t go ahead.

“To me it’s a good investment at all levels of government because it makes your community better for the future.”

The federal government contributed $542,000 with the province kicking in $452,000. Killarney Turtle Mountain’s share is $361,000.

Work has already started and some lines have been reconnected.

“It’s a fairly large project and obviously creates some disruption to businesses and we’re hoping to finish it sooner rather than later just to get everyone back on the system.”

The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is providing $33.5 billion over 11 years for public infrastructure across Canada. Under this program, provinces and territories prioritize and submit projects to Infrastructure Canada for review.

“We’ll be analyzing our most urgent needs and as we go forward we’ll be applying for more grants simply because the need is there. Some of this infrastructure is 50, 60 or 70 years old and over time it deteriorates to where you have to make a decision” said Merv Tweed.