Voters in Ward 3 in the Municipality of Grassland will be heading to the polls April 2nd. 

A by-election is taking place, and the nomination deadline is February 26th. Should more than one candidate file papers voters will head to the polls. The by-election was called after Gwen Wooley resigned for personal reasons. 

The successful candidate will complete the term that runs to October of 2026. 


Who is eligible to file papers? 
- a Canadian Citizen 
- at least 18 years of age on By-Election Day 
- a resident of Manitoba 
- a qualified voter of the municipality 

Voters list and who can vote? 
- voters list can be picked up at the Hartney Administration Office. 
- Voters Eligibility: 
  - A Canadian citizen 
   - 18 years of age 
   - Owner of property in Ward 3 for more than 6 months 
   - A resident of Ward 3 for at least 6 months