The Green Spot Home and Garden has taken over the operations of the Secret Garden Cafe, previously operated by Chez Angela.

Green Spot owner Bernie Whetter says they're excited to be opening the doors to the cafe over the next few days, and with that they'll be showcasing the food items they already have under their roof, at their made in Manitoba food department.

"We've got our staff in place, and we've made a few renovations, and we've change dour menu and we're very excited to be opening it up!"

Soups made in Beausejour, Forbidden Flavors coffee from Brandon, Kuiper's bread, Boyd's Beef are just a few of the items they'll be featuring on their new menu.

"So, we're working with local businesses and we're looking for other opportunities to move some of our food products through our cafe, so we're pretty pumped about that," shares Whetter. 

"Like, we could take something simple like a hotdog and make chili from our Boyd's Beef and we've got the beans from an outfit in Winnipeg.  So, we thought that's a great combination, and we can put that on a Kuiper bun and we've got a pretty great local product!"

As always, Whetter is watching for more made in Manitoba products, but now specifically something that he can serve at the Secret Garden Cafe.

"We're looking for products that are local and that might be a little bit different that we can offer to our clientele," he adds.  "We're pretty excited about this!"