An information and resource provider, the Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation (RMED) is enhancing its services.

RMED has hired two of three Economic Development Advisors that will work across rural Manitoba. RMED will now have the capacity to foster economic growth and make a larger impact. “By hiring experts in their fields, we have a greater advantage to assist our clients to help grow local economies and support new jobs,” stated Margot Cathcart, Chief Executive Officer of RMED.

Charlene Gulak, Economic Development Advisor (EDA) for Parkland, Midwestern and Interlake regions and Liza Park, Economic Development Advisor for Southwest and Central have both jumped right into their roles and have been making connections across rural Manitoba. The RMED advisors join Michael Asante, Research and Policy Analyst and are supported by Marketing and Communications Specialist Tanis Chalmers.

RMED will continue to represent rural Manitoba on the provincial, national, and international scene with consultations, committees, and similar forums to ensure rural issues are understood and the advantages are highlighted. RMED has begun this work and will continue to advance its services to economic development officers, local government, First Nations, Indigenous leadership, other agencies, and entrepreneurs.

This work will be observed in the coming months with community conversations, educational sessions, pathfinding, data services and more. Manitoba Economic Development, Investment and Trade, in collaboration with its economic development partner organizations are working towards streamlined and enhanced data to support economic development.

RMED will be the first source of contact for rural data services in Manitoba. A data service request form can be found on the RMED website. Along with these and other client services RMED has opened the door to further relationship building. By utilizing the services of RMED, clients will have the opportunity to collaborate with economic development experts. RMED professionals can connect clients with the resources they require.

“Relationship building is key to the strategy of RMED. We will provide the necessary tools and supports that rural communities need to grow and expand,” explained Cathcart.

By providing a trusted source of information, we can grow and sustain the relationships that are required to help rural Manitoba put its best foot forward. RMED was created to improve, support, and increase success for economic development in Manitoba.

For more information on RMED or how they can assist you, please contact RMED at 204-717-4540 or visit their website at