Mid August was a tough time at the Hartney golf course after a number of green went brown.

Conditions have improved but club President Brett Phillips said it was a situation they had to deal with quickly.

“We had a little bit of a problem with the greens because a little bit of fungus got in there and when we cut them they went brown. We put some nitrogen down and fertilizer and they’re bouncing back quite nicely.”

Phillips added the tee boxes and fairways are in great shape thanks to this year’s precipitation. He hopes the greens are back to normal within the next few days so they can end the golf season off in great shape.

“We didn’t really lose much in the way of green fees. We’re still getting established because we opened back in 2014 following the flood years and some of the course isn’t fully established. We’re in the process of getting things where we want them and our local members know where things are at and we try to let anyone who comes to our course know where we are at.”

Through the pandemic Phillips says more people were playing golf at the course because it was one of the sports you could actually play. He adds last year was okay and this year they appear to be ahead of schedule.

“We’re a small course and we really appreciate any walk-ons we get” said Brett Phillips.

The Hartney Golf Club will hold it’s club wind ups at the end of September.