There's a number of things you can do to keep your real Christmas tree looking lovely through the Christmas weekend.

Carla Hrycyna, Host of the Lawn and Garden Journal, says keeping your tree in a cooler location will help in extending its fresh look.

"Try and put your tree in a location away from heating vents, or even the cooler side of the living room. And if you do have a fire place, it's not optimal to put it in the room that has the fire place, or furthest away from the fire place."  

Hrycyna says fire places have a tendancy to create very dry air, so things will dry out quicker.

If you're still looking to pick up your perfect tree this year, Hrycyna recommends getting one with a fresh cut. That will ensure the natural seal of the tree hasn't closed, and the tree can wick up the moisture it needs. 

In the first few days of cutting your tree, Hrycyna says you can expect to possibly fill the reservoir multiple times a day. After that, it's important to continue keeping the reservoir topped up.