Mark Woloshyn




Demand for healthy canola oil is expected to pick up as the North American economy comes out of the recession. Despite the health and functional benefits, restaurants and food manufacturers have been slower to switch to Omega-9 canola oil due to the price premium when compared with traditional cooking oils.

Mark Woloshyn is the marketing specialist for Dow Agroscience's Nexera canola.

"The Nexera canola business has a lot more opportunity to grow," says Woloshyn. "We feel right now that we've got the right model that once we bring on additional Omega-9 oil customers, we're going to see growth."

"We're working hard with food manufacturers to expand that demand and that will allow us to contract more acres in western Canada."

A long list of restaurant chains have already made the switch to healthy canola oils, however many are still missing from that list. Woloshyn notes they're now also focusing on increasing use of healthy canola oil in the food manufacturing segment in the U.S.

~ Thursday, October 14, 2010 ~