Welcome to our first Made in Manitoba of 2023! It's a return visit this weekend from Henry and Marge Wall of Prairieland Gospel. Back in November we chatted with the husband-and-wife about their latest album "Matthew 24", which turned out to be one of our most popular programs of the year.

The duo is back to kick off another year of our weekly spotlight on music made here at home, with their first low German album, Harlich Es Sien Nom'n, which translated to English (courtesy of Henry) is Glory to His Name.

Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner caught up with Henry and Marge, and asked them about the decision to record a plautdietsch CD, which had its own learning curve because of the different language. They also touched on the amazing reception to their previous album Matthew 24. You can listen to that previous episode of Made in Manitoba, by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

By the way, you can purchase Harlich Es Sien Nom'n in Winkler at Sunny Day Products and Janzen Brothers Music Company.

As for this week's Made in Manitoba, featuring Henry and Marge Wall, here it is!