The municipal council for Killarney-Turtle Mountain is responding to the high demand for high-speed internet service.   The new fibre optics option will be available for all constituents in the municipality, with council footing the bill for installation.

"They register to get the service and then only pay when they start receiving it," shares Mayor Merv Tweed. "The municipality is going to pay for the installation of the fibre, and it will be up to the individuals to say 'yes' or 'no'.  So, whether you live in town or out to the U.S. border if you want to hook up, there will be no charge. You'll basically start by paying your monthly fee."

The many challenges created by the pandemic, inspired the increasing need for high-speed internet, as is the importance of 'doing business' online with our local economy.  

"I think Covid has proven to us that to exist anymore in the new world you got to have high-speed fibre-optics.  Kids are learning at home and don't have access or poor connections is frustrating, and we just think this is a good thing," he explains.  "Major business is being conducted from farm sites, so its not out of the realm that they will benefit greatly from it, and if you look at the businesses surrounding the town of Killarney, I'm thinking feed mills and elevators; those types of operations really need this type of service. I think they'll find this very good for their businesses."

"The demand is extremely high," he adds, "and this is something that is going to benefit the whole town and the whole municipality, and council is very much in favor of doing this!  It's a must, if you don't have good service, you're falling behind." 

Installation costs estimate between $300,000-$350,000 over a 3-year budget plan.  Installation is expected to start later this summer, with a 2 1/2 year completion.