Erica Hilhorst is the new principal at Killarney School and she looks forward to students and staff returning to class the first week of September.

Hilhorst was vice principal for three years before moving up to take over from Terry Beazley who retired at the end of June.

“I’m excited to have everyone returning this coming week and it’ll be nice to have our halls filled. Staff have worked hard to get the school ready and everything is set and ready for our students to come back in.”

Hilhorst says transition from vice principal to principal shouldn’t be too bad because of her previous time teaching in the school and having built up relationships with the other staff members. “I’m not planning any major changes. I think we start with where we are at and we look at staff changes and continue to build on programs from there.”

Killarney has several new people on staff this year and the school is expanding some courses for 2022-23.

“Last year was the first year we did a cake decorating course through our food program and we had it at one grade level and we’ve expanded it to all four as well as our home-ec to all four. So now they’ve taken it one year they can continue to take it if they choose to do so” said Hilhorst.

Enrollment at Killarney School is up by 40 and sits at 541 students.

Staff return Tuesday, September 6th and students the following day on September 7th.