The Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain will hold a public hearing Monday night regarding an application from HyLife for a conditional use order.

HyLife has applied for the development of an 18,000 head-weanlings nursery operation northeast of Killarney.

Mayor Merv Tweed says the project has cleared the technical review process and the public hearing is the next step in the process. “They have to meet all the requirements to make the application and they’ve done that. They’ve made application and we go to the public hearing on Monday June 6th where we’ll entertain comments from community members. They can register ahead of time and that night and we’ll sit until everybody has been heard.”

“Shortly after that council will make its decision. If its favourable the project can proceed and if it’s not in favour the applicant has the right to appeal and they have 30 days to appeal.”

Monday’s meeting at the Shamrock Centre is expected to attract a fairly large crowd.

“We just want to hear what people have to say in regards to water, smell and we’ve all been through hog barn approvals and developments and people have concerns about them and I think it’s incumbent on government both local and at the provincial level to hear those concerns” said Merv Tweed.

Tweed was asked if the proposed project, near Pelican Lake, raises any extra concerns.

“I think anytime you’re near water it’s an issue and I’m sure that could be one of the biggest concerns.”

“Experience has taught us you usually see lots of people show up for these types of hearings so yes I think we’ll have a good crowd and hopefully we’ll be a respectful group. We’ve been through these hearings before but it’s a new application and you have to weigh concerns. Not only have we had approvals of hog barns Killarney has been very successful having those hog barns and that’s something that factors into council's decision as well” said Merv Tweed.