A proposed hog barn project will go to a public meeting in late June for area residents to voice their opinion.

HyLife wants build four hog barns south of Deloraine. Canada’s leading pork producer has started the process of possibly establishing production barns south of town.

HyLife wants to build four barns that would include 3,750 nursery pigs and 7,800 finishers.

“It’s our public meeting that has to be held on the municipal level. The meeting is set for June 20 and it will be in the hall and we also expect a pretty big crowd” said Reeve Gord Weidenhamer.

“It’s basically to gather feed back and take it back to council. With the new process council’s decision may not be the final say on the issue. Hylife can appeal the process and take it to the municipal board. We have mixed views on the council and our decision will be made based on communications and respect for the community.”

The application has gone through the technical review process. “From everything I see they’ve met all the guidelines set out by the province. The next move is for us to make a decision at the council table about it.”

Reeve Weidenhamer says council has to take a lot into consideration before voting. In the end he says it’s about generating economic growth to maintain or even lower taxes.

“We’re looking for an industry that can create jobs and create income to the region. If not this then what else is out there. It’s tough to find those opportunities for a small community because options are limited.”