Another hog barn project is being promoted by Hylife and if approved the three barns would be built at a site about seven kilometers east of Highway 18 just off of Highway 253.

The barns northeast of Killarney would be an 18,000 head nursery site with earthen manure storage.

“We’re just looking at completing some of the production loops in the area” said Hylife’s Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability Sheldon Stott.

“We’re looking to develop a nursery operation to compliment our existing farrowing and finishing operations in the area and that would complete the loop. We’re looking at the three barns with 18,000 nursery spaces, just over 700 animal units of production, so a fairly small operation.”

Over the past week Hylife started a virtual open house so people could see what the proposal included and they can also ask questions about the project. “Our process is to get in front of the community as soon as possible. So before we make any formal applications we like to get out in front of the community. However with these challenging times brought on by the pandemic we’re unable to do those things in person very often so we had to shift to on online format to hopefully engage the public and get their feed back” said Stott.

It’s the start of the process but Hylife would like to start construction this spring or summer if possible.

Hylife already has a number of sites in Killarney-Turtle Mountain and Sheldon Stott was asked if any new sites were planned for the region in the future.

“I think we’re nearing the end of our development stage for the time being. Like I mentioned we don’t have a lot on the books for beyond our 2022 development so right now this all we have planned for Southwestern Manitoba.”