Farmers got a lot of harvesting done over the past week.

The weekly crop report indicated weather conditions were good for harvest with many producers harvesting over the past few days. Hot and dry conditions allowing crops to mature. Late seeded crops are catching up as well. Some longer season crops like soybean, corn and sunflower are showing up the signs of moisture stress.

A few areas have high grasshopper pressure.

Ryan Heinrichs is Green Valley Equipment’s branch manager in Killarney and he’s hearing pretty good things about this year’s harvest. “Mother nature has been very kind to us with the weather and the way the crops have been maturing.”

Most producers are through the early crops wrapping pea harvest and some of the early oats and even wheat.

“It’s a mixed bag with some good and some bad but nothing too ugly. Machines are working great and everyone is enjoying what they’re seeing for yields and quality seems to be there. If we can keep going without a rain that’s going to make all the difference.”

With mid September approaching farmers hope the low’s don’t drop too far down.

“These machines we’ve got now can take off a lot of crop quickly and cover a lot of acres in an efficient manner. If mother nature can work with us over the next few weeks and frost holds off until even into October it would be nice because we have some corn to finish and some beans” said Ryan Heinrichs.