Upgrades to Brandon’s Community Sportsplex Arena's ice plant continue with the expectation for folks to be back on the ice in the Fall of 2024.

In early September the City of Brandon asked their community to weigh in on the future of their community sportsplex.  Through consultation and listening to their residents, as well as studying the information and recommendations of the City's Recreation Needs Assessment & Conceptual Design for the Community Sportsplex Arena, they had agreed in mid-September to renovate the ice rink to retain the indoor ice surface.

"We heard from our community and there is a definite passion for keeping the ice arena in the Community Sportsplex," shares Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Brandon, Merrilea Metcalf. "If everything lines up properly, we expect construction of the ice rink to take place in 2024.

At the September 18th Council meeting, Brandon City Council approved the request to release the proposal for the detailed design of a new Sportsplex ice plant and arena upgrades. This allowed for the next steps in the process to take place, which includes the engineering services for the new ice plant to be secured, and the design of the new ice plant and associated upgrades to begin this fall. 

Metcalf says it takes about a year to construct the arena's ice plant, so any programming that the City would have around ice-time they are now partnering with other facilities to accommodate.

"The ice plant has run its end of life, it's been used for between 30-40 years at the Sportsplex," explains Metcalf. "It's been a long time that this ice plant has run, and it just was not able to continue, so it was a good time for the City to take a look at what the community wants out of the Sportsplex. That's why we had the assessment and the open house."  

"We wanted to hear from the community, and it was loud and clear the Sportsplex ice rink is very important to our community, and that is why we're continuing with that plan."

The cost is significant, but the City of Brandon has been applying for grants from a number of entities. "Our team is looking at every revenue opportunity, and we're very thankful for the community support in this project, and that the community is engaged with the City of Brandon. That is very important to us."

"Everyone feels this is the right step for Brandon and it will last us a long time," adds Metcalf.

"We always want to hear from residents for ideas, whatever is passionate on your hearts, so please feel free to reach out to us here at the City of Brandon. We're here to serve and build our community."

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