Souris Glenwood is hosting the annual Peacock Days and Fair July 8th to 10th.

The weekend is a real community effort with a program jam packed with a variety of activities.

Karen Kempe is a volunteer with Peacock Days and she’s excited to have lots of people in town on the weekend. “It’s looking fantastic and we have quite an agenda. This is our second annual event and it’s bigger than we ever could have expected.”

Following the inaugural year the enthusiasm has really frown throughout the community.

“We’ve had a lots of businesses stepping up wanting to put on events and to get more people involve in phenomenal. And to have the fair back at full strength has made this an even more impressive event.”

The program starts Friday afternoon and runs through with activities ending Sunday. “We’re expecting as many people as last year and maybe even more just because of word of mouth about the event” said Karen Kempe.

“Last year we were busy getting things organized and this year we’re run off our feet trying to keep up with everything that’s going on.

“We’ve good more groups involved so people within the community are stepping up not to mention the huge number of volunteers needed to work at the various activities around the community” said Karen Kempe.