MLA for Spruce Woods, Grant Jackson, introduced his first Bill at the Manitoba Legislature earlier this week, Bill 202 The Community Foundations Day Act.

Jackson introduced April 26th as Community Foundations Day in Manitoba.  He says the first reading went very well with members of community foundations from his constituency witnessing this first reading.

There are currently 57 Foundations across the country, with the first being the Winnipeg Foundation, setting the stage for the rest of country to look to Foundations to build communities.

The second reading will open up a debate amongst the legislative members, followed by a committee stage to further discuss the Bill.

Jackson says he's hoping to open up more opportunities for Manitoba Foundations to make is a special day of giving, recognizing Community Foundations Day for the community builder it is.  

"If the Bill goes into effect and it does become an official day, I would be glad to work with Endow Manitoba as well as the community foundations to celebrate that day and recognize it and try to push the use of that day to say to Manitobans, 'here, if you're looking to give a gift that's going to keep on giving, this is a great day to do it and this is a great place and way to do it as well," adds Jackson.

Please listen to more on Bill 202 below with MLA Grant Jackson!

Grant Jackson was now named the party's new Education and Early Childhood Learning critic.  He is also the Deputy House Leader for the PC's at the Manitoba Legislature.