A new art exhibit is now on display at the 1894 Art Centre in Boissevain.

Just Food-Right to Food from a Faith Perspective is an exhibit that was commissioned by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. It opened 3 years ago and is coming to an end. The exhibit opened April 6th in Boissevain and will be on display until May 3rd.

Just Food explores the right to food. 18 artists, six from Canada, including a First Nations artist, and 12 from other countries around the world have each been commissioned to create two pieces of original art specifically for this exhibition. The artists have been divided into six groups of three — one Canadian, two international in each group. Each group was asked to be inspired by a different set of texts — six human rights declarative texts each paired with a different passage from the Old Testament. The contemporary art is woven together with text/photo panels and artifacts detailing and illustrating historic and contemporary perspectives on food issues.