Pulse-related genomic research into root rot resistance and stress tolerance will help develop tools for breeding better combinations of wheat and lentil varieties in cropping systems and enhance root rot resistance and drought tolerance in peas. 

The projects are co-funded through Genome Canada’s Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems initiative (CSAFS). 

The Saskatchewan Pulse Growers investment of over $1.4 million will be leveraged for a total pulse research and development investment of over $12.8 million. 

SPG Chair Trent Richards says this research works towards developing tools for lentil breeding as part of Saskatchewan-based rotations and enhancing the development of root rot resistance and stress tolerance in peas utilizing genomics technology. 

The two research projects will take place over four years with the overall goal of reducing the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems by building their resiliency, environmental sustainability, and economic growth potential.

Dr. Kirstin Bett and Dr. Curtis Pozniak, from the University of Saskatchewan, will receive $6 million for the work into ACTIVATing genomics to accelerate climate-smart crop delivery, 

Another 6 million will go to Dr. Marcus Samuel, University of Calgary, and Dr. Sateesh Kagale, National Research Council, Saskatoon for their work on PEACE (Pea Climate-Efficient): which will look at developing climate-resilient, low carbon footprint field peas as a preferred rotation crop through the inter-disciplinary integration of genomic technologies, 

Other funders and supports of the projects include Genome Canada, Genome Alberta, Genome Prairie, Alberta Pulse Growers, Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers, Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund, Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission, Western Grains Research Foundation, and Results Driven Agriculture Research (Alberta).