With just one week left for until the Southwest Business & Entrepreneur Expo the organizing committee is putting on their finishing touches for their February 7th event!

It's the 7th year for the SW Business Expo, and this year it will be held at the Deloraine-Winchester Community Complex Hall on Wednesday, February 7th.

"We want to encourage not only business owners from the region, but those from all around," shares Economic Development Officer for Deloraine-Winchester, Glenn Schellenberg.

"Business owners who want to benefit from the discussion matter that we're presenting. There's a wealth of information and an opportunity to network also. It either service providers or businesspeople to share experiences and gain information, and also people in the community who are interested to attend this kind of an event."

"It's a unique event to have hosted in each of these communities," adds Schellenberg. "You know you wouldn't expect to have such a good quality trade show and presentation of speakers in a small community. And so, it's a really good opportunity, not only for Deloraine-Winchester to shine, but for businesspeople in our community and around the region to attend something that's meaningful, well-planned and thought out."

Lyndsay Gillon-Seafoot will be speaking from the stage at next week's business expo as keynote speaker.

Seafoot is an operational HR expert, leadership trainer and coach, and entrepreneur who officially started Curbridge Consulting Co, an HR consulting company, in 2020 after side-hustling it through other careers and a mat leave. Curbridge operates under the strong mission to create workplaces that people love to be in.

In addition to the keynote speakers address, there will be breakout sessions, and a panel discussion, and don't forget lunch.  Also, the winners of the Business Pitch will be awarded their prizing during the day!

The Business Pitch is always a highlight for the organizing committee, and you can hear more from Glenn Schellenberg about the Business Pitch below!

"We encourage everybody in the community who has any interest in the future of their community as it goes forward and as businesses come and go, we want to make sure that people have an opportunity to participate in the discussion and also in the planning for what's coming ahead," shares Schellenberg.  "You don't have to be in business, and you don't have to be an owner in business to have an interest in this.  It is open to everyone!" 

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