The spring weather brings thoughts of our favorite outdoor activities, walking paths and green space places of leisure!

CEO and General Manager of the Keystone Centre, Connie Lawrence, says developing the green space at the southeast corner of the Keystone property (at the corner of 13th and Richmond) is something she's been keenly interested with since she came on staff at the Keystone about 8 years ago.

"We've been working on our green space, on our grounds and that's something that's been a passion of mine since I started here," shares Lawrence.  "We've seen through Covid how it became a place where people could meet in a safe distance and have a coffee."

Brandon central has a number of green space areas, including the Riverbank Discovery Centre, Dinsdale Park and small parks within different neighborhoods.  

"On the southern side of Brandon, we really don't have anything," she says. "We have three senior homes just across the street from us, so it would be nice when families came to visit, and they had a park-like setting to come across the street to."

Lawrence says they're in the process of rebuilding their outdoor stage in that space.  She says they do have one pavilion built and are looking to add walking paths, and places to sit, things that come with a park.

"We're actually going to be hosting our 50th Anniversary this summer there on June 15th," adds Lawrence. "So, we're going to have bands! It's a free event!  It's a Keystone Celebration!"

Lawrence stepped into her role as CEO and General Manager of the Keystone Centre in mid-January and says she's still getting used to being Assistant GM to being at the helm.

"Right now, every day is something new for me," she shares. "I'm learning and still transitioning and so I expect to be transitioning over the next few months, making sure that I continue taking care of the team here that's all involved because they have to transition with me.  I look forward to the events that are coming up and bringing new events to the Keystone Centre!"

"I'm very proud to be part of the Keystone Centre and what it has to offer to everybody!"