The Killarney and Area Agricultural Society recently receive a $12,000 cheque from Farm Credit Corporation's AgriSpirit Fund for 2022.

Local Ag Society President, Tammy Munroe, says the funds will be allocated towards the AG Society's Campground and Fairground washroom facilities, as well as other future projects.

Munroe says most of the washroom upgrades have been completed, taking a good portion of that $12,000.  "For other projects, things that we want to do but not necessarily have to do, when we receive money like that then that allows us to do those extra little things that we all want to get done."  Munroe adds they're open for suggestions from their community for projects the public might like to see the committee pursue.

When it comes to summer recreation, camping accommodations and Killarney events, the Ag Society's campground and fairgrounds are very important to Killarney and the surrounding area.  "That's our backbone, plain and simple, that's what keeps our Fair going, it allows us to contribute to our community, it's the glue that holds us all together," notes Munroe.

Please listen to more of the interview with Tammy Munroe and CJRB's Barry Lamb below.

The FCC AgriSpirit Fund supports projects by charities, non-profit groups, First Nations bands and Metis settlements in communities of less than 150,000 people.

Through the AgriSpirit Fund, FCC supports projects such as initiatives that support agriculture and food production, construction of or upgrades to community buildings, renovations or upgrades that reduce a building's energy footprint, or projects that support refrigeration and equipment expenses to support food waste reduction and recovery.

For more information on FCC AgriSpirit Fund visit their website or click HERE!

Applications are currently closed and will re-open April 2023.