The Killarney Food Bank's Christmas Cheer campaign is in full swing, with bins located at different sites in businesses along Killarney's main street. 

From now until December 17th, food and toys and games and winter clothing accessories can all be donated to Christmas Cheer!  

"Last year we did a total of 83 Christmas Packages," shares local food bank's operations manager, Petchie Hawkins. "That includes food and gifts for 83 different families."

Distribution day is scheduled for Saturday, December 17th.  "We're always looking for volunteers because that's a huge undertaking," she adds.  "Last year, if someone had an hour or two to spare, they would come in and wrap gifts, or help stock boxes and bags for the food hampers.  So, we're always looking for Christmas Cheer helpers!"

Hawkins adds they welcome volunteers on an ongoing basis, in every season of the year, to help with the food bank, "from packaging up food items, to preparing for distribution day, to having somebody at the food bank to be there to hand out food items to people as they come and assist them with their shopping."

Each year, the Killarney Red Apple champions the Christmas Cheer initiative by adorning their store with a big red sleigh just waiting to be filled with Christmas gift-giving items!  As well, cash donations are collected from patrons who wish to give.

"We put collection bins at different locations, like in the Mall and Home Hardware, but the biggest haul that we get is from the Red Apple, because there's such a variety and so many people go to it."

"Every year the Red Apple does a Christmas Cheer Drive and they've been a huge supporter of the food bank!  I don't know if we could do it without them," adds Hawkins.

Listen below to Petchie Hawkins giving a 'SHOUT OUT' to the staff at Killarney's Red Apple Store for their support of Killarney's Christmas Cheer Drive!