For the past nine years Bob Moore of Killarney has jumped onto his bike to head down the road and collect donations for charitable causes and his most recent ride was in mid September.

Moore is 77 years old and he rode 77 kilometers and did most of the ride in the Boissevain and Deloraine area. “The money raised went to the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. That’s a group that works out of the Society for Children with Disabilities in Winnipeg.”

“They build adaptive bikes for special needs children so for me it’s a perfect fit.”

Bob Moore raised $3,400.00 and says every nickle goes into building a bike.

“It’s interesting because I spoke with Monique who I deal with in Winnipeg and I asked her if it was enough money and she said we knew you’d reach your goal which was $3,000 and we’ve already ordered the bike for a child.”

Moore hopes to ride with the child once they take possession of the adaptive bike.

Bob Moore was planning to ride from the International Peace Garden south of Boissevain to Minto and then east down Highway 23 but his plans changed. “I went to the Peace Garden and back but when I got back to Boissevain and it was cold so I thought I’d wait until the next day and I rode from Deloraine to the Boissevain campground twice.”