The Killarney Foundation has given approximately over $300,000 over the past year to support local projects and organizations.  The Foundation grants funds twice each year, in the spring and now in the fall season after the September intake of applications.

"Some of it hasn't been spent yet and is tucked away for future projects until it's required, but a lot are supporting very immediate things, like the Killarney hospital, and facilities and the Arts and culture," explains Board member David Jones. "It's really neat to see what's all happening."

Funds were presented in mid-October and Jones says for the most part everyone goes home fairly happy.

"Sometimes the asks can be pretty big," he notes. "But people are very grateful for what they get, even though it may not be quite enough, so more fundraising is needed by those groups, which is good as well as it keeps everybody working."

The Killarney Foundation was incorporated in 1979 and is officially registered as a Public Foundation by the Canadian Revenue Agency. The Board of Directors consists of six volunteers, appointed for four-year terms, renewable once only, to represent the community.

The Foundation manages and administers endowment funds established by people from all walks of life. 

More than $4,300,000 has been distributed since inception by the Killarney Foundation Inc.

Visit their website HERE for more information.

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