Over $107,000 was granted to organizations and projects in the Killarney area through the Killarney Foundation.

"Since the Foundation started, this granting date in the spring 2024 will actually put us over $5 million of grants awarded to community groups," shares Board member Brett Skeoch.  "We really feel it's important for our community to give that money back and be able to be an ongoing place to provide funds to all of these groups."

"And every year the Foundation gives over $10,000 in scholarships to Killarney's local schools," she adds.

Foundation Board Chair, Mayor Janice Smith, says they take the awarding of grants very seriously, all to enhance the residents and visitors to Killarney.  "From the hospital right down to the library, right down to the day care, and to the Heritage group to print their books, so we've very fortunate to be able to spread the wealth around!"

Recipients for the 2024 Spring Grants:

  • KCI Scholarships
  • Killarney Curling Club
  • Lakeland Regional Library
  • Royal Legion Plaza
  • Killarney Lakeside Golf Course
  • Killarney Service for Seniors
  • Southwest Community Options
  • Shamrock Centre
  • Roots of Early Learning Centre
  • Prairie Mountain Health / Tri-Lake Heatlh Centre
  • Turtle Mountain Souris Plains Heritage Association

"All the money that is donated to the Killarney Foundation is kept as capital, and we're only granting out the interst that's earned on that, so it's a great way to have a long-term effect on our community," adds Skeoch.