The Killarney Growing Project has started fund raising for the 2023 project.

Within the last week the board secured land for this year’s crop.

Myron Peters is in charge of field operations and has been a longtime volunteer with the project that supports work done by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “We were fortunate this year and maybe double fortunate for myself because the land that I rent out, I worked with the renter this year and we’re actually going to have the project on my property on the home farm.”

“The land is just north of Killarney. From the veterinary clinic you go one mile west and a half mile north.”

Peters says it’s a bit different this year because the field was fertilized last fall and a lot of the inputs were purchased by the renter and the project board is trying to raise money to cover those input costs.

“We have our sponsor an acre program and for $250 people can support the growing project by helping cover some of the costs. So, we’ve started our fund-raising drive a bit earlier than normal and we hope the community gets behind the project again and people will sponsor an acre.”

This year the filed will consist of 300 acres seeded to wheat. “100 acres will be for the foodgrains project but we’re putting all 300 acres on the map for the sponsor an acre program.”


People interested in supporting the growing project in Killarney can contact any board member or mail a cheque to box 1660 in Killarney.