Organizers of the Killarney Growing Project hope to have combines in the field by the middle part of September.

This year’s field of 155 acres of wheat is located south of Killarney near the United States border.

Betty Turner is a long time volunteer and says they’re bringing back the meal in the field this year. “We’re excited because we plan to go ahead with the meal on harvest day. We’re putting together plans and it has been two years since out meal in the field and we hope the community can come out and help us celebrate the harvest.”

Turner has been fielding calls about the harvest and she thinks they’re about three to four weeks away from harvesting.

“The crop looks really nice and the heads are long and filling up and we’re hopeful for a good crop. We’re still a little ways away and we plan to straight cut it again. We’re waiting for it to ripen a little more so we can desiccate it and go ahead as planned.”

The group relies on regular volunteers who drive long distances to where ever the field is located. Betty Turner says every year the field seems to be in a different location and they always manager to get farmers in the immediate area to come out with equipment to help.

Supporters are being encourage to take part in the sponsorship program where the group sells an acre of the project crop. That helps offset the costs.

“Our virtual map is filling up but we still have several acres for sale. For $250 you can sponsor an acre. It gives supporters a little bit of ownership knowing they have grown an acre of food to help the hungry.”

“We are so grateful to all our donors” said Betty Turner.