Daytime highs are finally getting back to the seasonal normal and that has people in the tourism industry excited for the coming months.

Killarney-Turtle Mountain Mayor Merv Tweed is pleased to see things turning around because it’s great for the local lake. “The water level is up and it’s clean and that’s our hope for the entire summer. If we can hold the water and create some movement in it as the summer heats up we can have a good summer.”

“People are eager to get out and get to the lake and enjoy themselves. Every event we’re running in town we’re getting great crowds and people just want to get out and socialize.”

Tweed says the lake is important to the community and the whole summer is built around the lake. “We’re planning weekend event near the lake and it’s being used for Canada Day this year and it’s a service you cant’ put a price on.”

Lifeguards wont be on duty this summer at the beach area.