A doctor shortage in Killarney has the municipal council looking for ways of attracting more health care professionals.

Killarney’s Tri Lake Heath Centre normally has a compliment of five doctors but has recently been working with two.

Mayor Janice Smith says council isn’t happen with the status quo and they’re taking steps to bring more doctors to the area. “We’ve decided we’re going to recruit two doctors using the same process we did back in 2016 when we recruited two from the United Kingdom.”

“Municipalities now have to tender the process now and we’re putting a tender together and see what we get from there.”

Smith says they have two doctors working at the local hospital. They have two other doctors who will be doing term positions.

“I’m not comfortable with what we have right now but what’s happening here is an issue that is happening across the province, the country and the world. So, we aren’t alone in having to deal with a staffing shortage.”

Killarney-Turtle Mountain council is in the process of securing the services of a company that will work to bring doctors to Killarney. “We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll be successful but there is a process to follow, and it just doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger,” said Janice Smith.