Killarney's Rippin' and Roarin' Bull Riding event did it again!  Hundreds of rodeo fans filled the Shamrock Centre Saturday night to watch bronc and bull riders hear the roar of the crowd and feel the thrill of a wild ride once again!  

"It was an awesome show! The crowd was fantastic, the riders did an awesome job and the bulls, and the broncs did some fancy kicking and so it was a really great show!" shares event coordinator, Brian LePoudre. "There were some nasty falls, but there were some really good rides, so there was a combination of everything out there!"

"We had people from all over the province come here, same as the riders," he adds. "They're from all over the province, and from Saskatchewan.  They bring in their own cheering squad with them - it's been a great show!"

LePoudre and a handful of local rodeo enthusiasts have held the reins of the Killarney Rippin' and Roarin' Bull Riding Event for 14 years (hitting the pause button for 2 years during Covid), and the organizing committee sees bigger and louder crowds every year.

"There was a group of us who had this idea and we said, okay let's try this, and it just keeps on getting bigger and better and so our passion is just to keep on going with it!"

"And this is a great way to kick of summer," adds LePoudre.  "We try to get in on the beginning of things, I think we're one of the first ones in Manitoba. I'm not sure where they're heading now, but the PBR (Professional Bull Riding Event) is coming up at the end of May, but some of these boys may not make that one!"

The PBR is Canada's nationall-televised Cup Series, presented by Wrangler.  The event will hold 9 events throughout 2023, visiting 9 cities across Alberta, BC. Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  The PBR is coming to the Keystone Centre May 27th.  Visit this website for ticket information:  PBR - Professional Bull Riders Tickets (