Students return to class today and at Killarney School 40 more students will be in class compared to the end of June.

Enrollment to start the fall term sits at 541.

Principal Erica Hilhorst calls it great news when the school’s enrollment can increase by that much year over year. Part of the reason for the higher student count is the influx of Ukrainian families moving to Killarney.

“We had one student join us last year and we’re anticipating four more through the month of September. So they join into our regular classrooms and we work specifically with the language issue. Until we meet them we aren’t sure where they’re at. We meet them, find out what they need and then we help them to get what they need.”

Hilhorst gives a big thanks to the Turtle Mountain School board. “Due to our increased enrollment the board has allowed us to hire an additional early years teacher added on as well as an additional EA added on and that will help us for sure.”

New students starting class at Killarney School are scattered throughout a number of grades and not isolated to one age group.