Nomination deadline passed and Killarney-Turtle Mountain only had five people file papers for six council positions and now the acclaimed councillors are meeting to find a sixth person to join them on council.

The municipality’s inaugural meeting will see councillors sworn in and then a discussion on rounding out the council.


Mayor Janice Smith hopes to have the process completed at their first meeting.


“We’ve asked everyone to bring forward some names and I know we have at least three people who has agreed to sit on council if they are selected.”

Smith says they decided to appoint a sixth council because it saves ratepayers the cost and inconvenience of going through a by-election.

“We thought if that sixth person didn’t step forward for the general election there was a chance nobody would file papers for a by-election, so we decided to appoint our final councillor.”

Janice Smith says they’re looking for someone who's a good fit for the job and will work hard to improve the community.